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  ENPD-113 Pneumatic Liquid Dispenser

ENAD-113 PNEUMATIC LIQUID DISPENSERAn economical and popular, general purpose dispenser, versatile and easy to use in a few simple steps. Hook up the barrel adapter assembly. Connect the air and power - set the timer - load the barrel with material - set the air regulator - press the foot switch and start dispensing.

Suitable for all types of fluids, includes a suck-back feature to ensure low viscosity liquids do not drip. Timing interval from 0.1 to 30 seconds.

Dispense timer.
Wide range of applications.
Barrel suck-back ensures no dripping.
Low-cost system with high reliability.


 Size 220 mm (l) x 215 mm (w) x 100 mm (h)
 Dispense time 0.1 - 31 seconds
 Cycle Momentary with time or continuously maintained
 Voltage 110 VAC & 220 VAC
 Air input 70 to 100 psi (5 to 7 bar).
 Air output 1 - 100 psi (0.1 to 7 bar).
 Weight @ 1.6 kg
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