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Welcome to Enertech

ENERTECH’S XYZ Precision Positioning Systems offers a complete array of precision and industrial grade electro-mechanical solutions based on the following product families:

Precision XYZ Tables
Gantry Platforms
Rotary Stages
Cartesian Systems
Compact Shuttle Stages
Complete Electronics & Controls Packages


The solutions presented here only begin to demonstrate the breadth of our ability to assist high technology and industrial companies in achieving breakthrough results.

Innovation, manufacturing capabilities, support infrastructure, and excellent service all exemplify ENERTECH’S passion to bring increasing value to you, our customer.

ENERTECH’S Motion engineering team stands ready to solve your ‘xyz precision positioning application’ challenges with one of our standard products, or with a Customized system that meets your specifications.

We look forward to the opportunity to build long term and mutually beneficial relationships with customers across the precision motion control markets.


Aluminum top and base with precision ground mounting surfaces and black Anodized protective finish

Low friction linear adjustment with no backlash or side play

Factory preloaded to provide dynamic stability and minimum run out

Straight line accuracy of 5 mm

Selectable bearing systems: ball bearings for economy and cross roller bearings for greater load capacity

Selectable drive locations: Center drive or Side drive (for space constraints)



Pick and place



Vision inspection

Instrumentation test / probing
Laser cutting / welding / etching / engraving
Drilling / routing
Robotic solder / de-solder

General purpose automation workstations

  Technocal Details
Features / Axis X-AXIS Y - AXIS Z - AXIS
Stroke (standard) 100 mm to 800 mm 100 mm to 800 mm 25 mm to 160 mm
Stroke (custom) As specified or as required
Payload Determined by Z axis Determined by Z axis Up to 15 Kgs
Velocity Upto 500 mm/sec
Encoder 1 µm to 50 mm resolution as required
Accuracy 20 µm / 500mm
Repeatability 4 µm onwards
Bearings As specified or as required
Material Steel / Aluminum
Finish Plating Electrode nickel / Hard chrome
Home and Limit Switches Non - contact magnetic / Optical