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Peltier technology

Use as a full fladge system or use as a backup for existing syatem.

Use as a versatile Multi purpose Laboratory Mini Incubtor

Just for $ 1650
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Energy efficient Peltier technology
As per CE guidelines.

Use as a full fledged system or use as a backup for existing systems.
It has a multiple utility advantage.
Just for $ 1650.
System includes 96 * 0.2 ml PCR blocks.


What’s more? Use as a Versatile Multi purpose Laboratory Mini Incubator !!


Interchangeable Aluminium blocks are available for Micro Centrifuge tubes, PCR plates, flat bottom Assay plates and test tubes.


Temperature range : 4°C to 99°C

Resolution : 0.1°C

Accuracy : +- 0.2°C

Uniformity : +- 0.3°C

Average ramping rate : 0.8°C/S *



Number of programs : 20

Pause and stop facility : Yes

Auto restart on power failure : Yes


* Given are typical values of a standard 0.2ml block, in an ambient temperature of 20°C.

  Interchangeable aluminium blocks

Block No 10, aluminium, 40 holes for 0.5 ml Micro Centrifuge tubes

Block No 20, aluminium, 30 holes for 1.5 ml Micro Centrifuge tubes

Block No 30, aluminium, 40 holes for 0.5 ml & 15 holes for 1.5 ml

Block No 40, aluminium, 96 holes for 0.2 ml PCR tubes / strips.

Block No 50, aluminium, for flat bottom 96 and 384-well assay plates

Block No 60, aluminium, 12 holes for 15/16 mm ID test tubes

Block No 70, aluminium, 20 holes for 12/13 mm ID test tubes

   Minnor difference between standard thermal cycler and our thermal cycler substitute

Heating lid absent

Slightly lower ramping rate