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  Dispening Introducion

Robotic Liquid Dispensing Systems - Fluid dispensing equipment includes all manner of devices that dispense, mix and dispense, or mix, meter or hot melt dispense fluid media. It also includes equipment to precisely dispense media in an accurate repetitive manner controlled by a microprocessor and / or robotic machine.

Important specifications for fluid dispensing equipment include dispense rate, media viscosity, container size, shot size or volumetric quantity the dispenser can produce in a single cycle and metering accuracy.

Fluid dispensing equipment mounting types include container mounted, hand held, machine mounted, robotic, and rotary. Our Dispensers are mounted on a robotic mechanism to control dispense rate and application location.

Options for fluid dispensing equipment include continuous dispensing, foot control, manual driven, multiple dispensing, power driven, programmable microprocessor, spray system, and suck back control.

The dispensing form can be one of many types. These include barrel and syringe, bottle, caulking tube, can, pail and drum, flexible tube, glue stick, gun handle, pen, and pinch tube pen.


Sequencing and controlling by powerful 16-bit mcu.

Eliminates the problems associated with conventional air dispensers such as variations in pressure, moisture, and fluid viscosity.

Designed for continuously dispensing /all viscosity fluids.

Connectivity of RS-232 and high speed USB device.

   Technical Details


XY axis range of travel 500 mm x 400 mm
Z axis range of travel (± 5%) 100 mm
XY axis resolution (encoder step) 50 microns
Z axis resolution 5 microns
XY axis lead screw accuracy 50 microns / mm
XY axis maximum velocity 300 mm /sec .
Z axis maximum velocity with settling time 40 mm / sec / sec.
Z axis top plate maximum load @ 10 kg
Z axis repeatability ± 10 microns
Test tube capacity 8 x 8 matrix (64 nos.) 212 x 212 mm
Data memory 100 Programs / 2000 points / program
Display LCD
Processor 16 bit onboard or PC
Communication RS 232 / RS 485
Weight of the unit @ 60 Kg.
Dimension 700 mm x 750 mm x 890 mm