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  Automated Syringe Pumps

ENAD-113 PNEUMATIC LIQUID DISPENSERSyringe Pump is a programmable, accurate pumping instrument. It is an ideal instrument for accurate transfer of various kind of liquids, even most aggressive ones.

The basic construction consists of the controller unit and pump unit The syringe pump motor moves the pusher block forward which depresses the syringe plunger causing the dispensing of fluid. The system can be controlled via a local keyboard and LCD display or through a RS 232 serial bus using a computer.

Chromatographic studies in Bio Chemistry
Fraction Collectors
Chemical engineering
   Technical Details


Flow control range 1:1,00,000
Minimum Flow Rate 1.5 µl / hr
Maximum Flow Rate 112 ml / hr
Accuracy ±0.5%
Reproducibility ±0.1%
Calibration Automatic
Drive Motor 1.8º stepper
Motor Control Microprocessor / micro controller
Display 2 line 16 character LCD
Memory Non - volatile (stores all settings)
RS - 232 Interface Multiplexed dual bi - directional ports
RS - 232 Connectors D connector
TTL Connectors 9 pin D - Sub Connector
Linear force 29 lbs (13 kg) with high - pressure
upgrade: 100 lbs (45 kg)
  Models of Automated Syringe Pumps
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