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  •  Bench Top Models
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  •  Immersible Models
  •  Multi-Stage/Custom Built Models
   Large/Industrial Models

Large / Industrial Models Reliable, Rugged and cost effective.

The ability to apply ultrasonic cleaning to large, irregular parts or high volumes of casketed parts is now achievable.

Precise cleaning results can be efficiently, economically and repeatably achieved in rapid, high throughput production environments.

Custom-engineered sizes can also be delivered at short lead times. The tanks are equipped with heaters (in-wall, immersion or steam coil) and ultrasonics in either 25 or 40 kHz. Options include timers, filtration, pump to drain, exhaust systems and custom parts fixtures.

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   Immersible Models

Immersible Models Flexible, Distinct design and precision cleaning.

Immersible Ultrasonic Transducers offer the ultimate in ultrasonic systems flexibility. These modular units can be incorporated into the designs of new systems or retrofitted into existing systems to add ultrasonic capability.

Help in designing an immersible transducer installation for any application is also applicable.

They are ideal for elements and products of various categories.

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   Multi-Stage/Custom Built Models

Multi-Stage/Custom Built Models Huge range and custom built.

With a huge range of frequencies, densities and power ratings, custom built models will always deliver the best cleaning results with no compromise on either quality or reliability.

For more complex industrial cleaning processes, requiring multi-stage solutions, we are pleased to consult fully with the customer in order to develop the system to suit the purpose.

Custom-built ultrasonic tanks can include a combination of aqueous, vapour and drying processes in a variety of flow control systems.


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