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Microplate Dispenser

The fast and flexible dual-plate dispenser for 96 and 384-well plates.

  Microplate Dispenser

The Microplate Dispenser is the answer to the increasing demand for an automated, yet affordable dispenser for 96 and 384 well microplates. High accuracy and precision of dispensing into deep well or low profile microplates, coupled with low dead volume and easy programming makes the the ideal solution for virtually all dispensing applications. The liquid path uses completely inert materials so that a wide range of solvents, acids, bases and other aggressive liquids can be dispensed with confidence and the adjustable pump speed allows performance optimisation for a wide viscosity range. It is also very fast. Truly, this is the ideal dispenser for the busy laboratory.

  Height-adjustable manifold

Deep-well as well as low-profile microplates can be used.


Low dead volume and pump-back capability

    Save expensive reagents
  Long life peristaltic pump

High precision over life time, no maintenance required and Complete inert liquid path.

  Flexible dispensing patterns

Start and stop position as well as omitted columns can be programmed.

  Easy operation and programming
  High dispensing speed
  Volume range : 5 µl to 2 ml
  Volume increments : 5 µl as standard,
other volumes on request
  Accuracy : +/- 1.5 %
  Precision : +/- 0.5 %
  Dispensing speed : 20 sec/plate (96 well plate, 100µl/well)
26 sec/plate (384-well plate, 25µl/well)
  Number of plates : 2
  Plate formats : 96 and 384 well
  Display : alphanumeric LCD
  Number of programs : 15
  Computer interface : RS-232 (optional – available on request)
  1 no. 96-Well 8-Channel autoclavable manifold 
  1 no. 96-Well 16-Channel autoclavable manifold 
  1 no. 384-Well 16-Channel autoclavable manifold  
  Spare Tubes with fittings 
Benchtop Laboratory Mini Incubator

Ideal for stacking large number of microplates, petri dishes and other tube formats.


Compact, Economical, Versatile multi purpose Incubator

Stack and incubate large number of microplates to increase capacity without using more benchspace.

Incubate the sample of your choice like deep well and flat bottom Microplates, Petri dishes, Micro-centrifuge tubes, test tubes or any other samples of your choice

Energy saving  Peltier technology -- saves energy upto 75%

No compressors  ! No refrigerants  !

Minimum maintenance
Precise temperature control
Benchtop Laboratory Mini Incubator
  Protein crystal growth
  Incubating marine sample below ambient
  Enzyme reactions and derivations
  Ligations at 14°C to 16°C
  Storing oocytes at 17°C
  Culture growth below, above and at room temperature
  Storing DNA libraries
  Resolution : 0.1°C
  Accuracy : ±0.15°C
  Uniformity : ±0.4°C
Models Volume (Litres) Temperature Range
ENCI 10 10 4°C To 60°C
ENCI 28 28 4°C To 60°C
ENCI 56 56 4°C To 60°C
ENCI 90 90 4°C To 60°C