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Welcome to Enertech

Offering the latest and best in incubation technology


Enertech’s cooling incubators use state of the art TEC technology that employs the latest energy efficient Peltier design. This advanced technology results in tremendous benefits for users using cooling incubators / B.O.D incubators / Photostabilty chambers in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, life sciences, laboratories and research institutions.


The unbeatable advantages of using Enertech’s cooling Incubators

1. Energy savings upto 75 % !!!

Save energy from Day 1. Energy savings over a period of time amount to that of the cost of the incubator itself. It’s like having the incubator paying for itself and even beyond till the time you use it. Energy saved on a number of working units results in substantial savings on a large scale.


Even small volumes available like 28 ltrs, 56 ltrs upto 350 ltrs


Don’t need big incubators ? Don’t have sufficient space ? Want compact and portable units ? Only Enertech has the answer to these problems. Enertech has a special range of 28 ltr and 56 ltr models that are compact , portable and fit at most of the places. Buy only what you need, and save on money and space.

3. No Compressors !! No Refrigerants !!

Enertech’s incubators don’t have maintenance prone compressors at all !! There are no refrigerants that pollute. They are pollution and maintenance free systems.

Where others take pride in using environment friendly refrigerants, Enertech completely eliminates the compressor and the refrigerant itself !!

4. Most precise temperature control

Advanced technology allows the most precise temperature controls resulting in maximum accuracy and uniformity.

5. No moving parts, minimum maintenance

There are no moving parts , The unit operation is contained and optimized. Besides, the advanced technology offers the longest hours of steady state operation.

6. Battery operated models available on request

Run uninterrupted operations even during power failures. Don’t lose time, and don’t lose samples and tests to power failures.

7. Highly compact and easily portable

Most laboratories and most set-ups are space starved. Bulky and big compressor based units consume lot of energy and space. In contrast, Enertech’s incubators are compact and portable to give you that much more space for other things.

8. Minimum heat generation and no pollution

All units are microprocessor based and have digital control.


All Enertech incubators are digital microprocessor based units. They are designed to conduct all types of research work, life cycle testing, shelf life studies, seed testing, biological studies and for general incubation. The temperature range is 4 deg c to 60 deg c.   They are constructed of double walls. The inner wall is stainless steel and outer body is powder coated. GMP model with inner chamber of SS 316 and outer body of stainless steel is also available with IQ, OQ, and PQ documentation.

PC / Laptop interface with windows based communication software and data logger available on request. (optional) Programmable chamber illumination available on request.


For GMP compliant models, Enertech offers IQ, OQ and PQ validation with documentation, reports, calibration and test certificates.


The equipment is calibrated with the help of master calibrator, which is certified for it’s accuracy by Electronics Regional Testing Laboratory (ERTL West) – Government of India recognized testing laboratory with traceable reference to National Physical Laboratories (NPL).