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1. Protein crystal growth
2. Incubator marine sample below ambient
3. Enzyme reactions and derivations
4. Hybridizations
5. Ligations ay 14°C to 16°C
6. Storing oocytes at 17°C
7. Culture frowth below, above and at room temperature
8. Storing DNA libraries


Temperature Range : 4°C to 60°C Resolution : 0.1°C
Standard model     GMP Model  
Inner Chamber : Stainless Steel Inner Chamber : S.S. 316
Outer Body : Powder Coated Outer Body : Stainless Steel
Models Volume
Working space
(w*d*h )
in inches
External dim.
(w*d*h )
in inches
Accuracy Uniformity
 ENCI– 10 10 4°C to 60°C 10X10X10 14X14X10 ±0.15°C ±0.4°C
 ENCI– 28 28 4°C to 60°C 12x12x12 17x17x12
 ENCI– 56 28 4°C to 60°C 16x15x14 24x26x22
 ENCI– 90 56 4°C to 60°C 16x15x22 19x21x37
 ENCI– 170 90 4°C to 60°C 19x16x33 22x24x48
 ENCI– 280 170 4°C to 60°C 22x19x38 24x26x54
 ENCI– 350 350 4°C to 60°C 22x20x46 24x26x59