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Welcome to Enertech

EnertechThe CFM SERIES 100 offers serial dispensing of ingredients for making formulations according to formula or recipe. It has an integrated dispense vessel system and a single point transit for bucket load and unload.

It is the standard and most economical solution to obtain formulations.

  How Do Gravimetric Dispensers Work?

EnertechThe CFM SERIES 200 offers the Multi-thread dispense process of ingredients for making formulations according to formula or recipe. It has ‘In-line weigh scales' system along with individual dispense vessels for each ingredient.

It has supply conveyor system for continuous scale mass production of formulations. It is the higher end series for high quantity production needs.



Software :


Component Capacity :

8, 16, 32, 40 or as required.

Dispense Repeatability :

+/- 1 gram (0.002 pounds).

Dispense Vessels :
Minimum Dispense Diameter :

250 mm (10") for CFM SERIES 100.

Dispense Time :

@ 5 - 10 Minutes for CFM SERIES 100.
@ 1 Minute for CFM SERIES 200.

Weigh Scale :

50 kg or as required.

Scale Location : For easy vessel loading and unloading.
Mounted on sliding platform or flush with the floor for CFM SERIES 100
In-line weigh scales for CFM SERIES 200.
Pumping System : Typically from 205L (55 Gallon) Drums.
Product Recirculation : Yes - controlled by CFM EXPRESS software.
Pumping : Suitably sized peristaltic pumps or Double diaphragm pumps or as required.
Warranty : 1 Year.
   Other Fatures

Manual back-up controls.

Automatic valve cleaning mode.

Stainless Steel Console.

RF Operator ID.

Sample Cup Dispensing.

Supply Conveyors.

Semi-auto & Automatic Mixers.