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  What is Gravimetric Despending?

Dispensing (often referred to as blending, dosing or tinting) is divided into two main technologies - Volumetric or gravimetric. Formulations or Recipes contain ingredients that are dispensed into a target dispense vessel from storage containers in the required quantities. These quantities are either measured volumetrically or gravimetrically.

Volumetric dispensers dose a volume of product, usually by priming a chamber and discharging like a bicycle pump or syringe. This method delivers an assumed quantity of product into the dispense vessel. There is no feedback in volumetric systems.

Gravimetric dispensers weigh the precise amount of each ingredient using precision dispense valves above a highly accurate weighing platform, thus adding a known quantity into the dispense vessel. Gravimetric systems have feedback control.

Therefore gravimetric dispensing is commonly regarded as the most reliable, accurate, flexible and robust method to produce high quality product batches.

  How Do Gravimetric Dispensers Work?



The ingredients and additives are stored in storage vessels.


These ingredients are drawn from their Storage vessels using pumps.


The pump delivers the ingredients to the integrated dispenser.


These ingredients are then dispensed through dispense valves in accordance with a Formula or Recipe.


The Formula or Recipe is set by the in-plant software for Materials, Formulations, Designs and Work Orders called "CMF EXPRESS".


The bucket locates on a precision weigh scale with weight feedback to the control systems.