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  •  Table Punch & Dies Cleaner
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  •  Pipette Washer
   Table Punch & Dies Cleaner

Tablet punches are very delicate & are required to be used & maintained by every tablet manufacturer.

These punches catch rust very fast. Finishing & polish is very critical. There are minute precision serrations & crevices on the punches (to imprint name, no. Etc.) that are difficult to clean. If cleaned by something like hard wire, polish/finishing deteriorates. If cleaned by soft cloth, thorough cleanliness cannot be achieved because tablet powder gets stuck into serrations/crevices. Such contamination affects results of next tablet batch. After use, punches are required to be cleaned & rust preventive coating applied. For using punches that are in store, rust preventive coating is to be removed first, which again involves handling of punches.

In order to overcome above difficulties, we have devised an ultrasonic cleaning system with special features which does not affect polish/finishing, cleans punches thoroughly, consistent cleaning quality can be maintained and need of manual labor / human handling is minimised.

The package is follows,

Chamber I - Ultrasonic Cleaning with Pulse Sweep Power

Chamber II - Ultrasonic / Hot water rinsing (with air agitation)

Chamber III - Hot Air Drying

Chamber IV - Dipping in oil for rust prevention

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   R&D & Lab Sonicators

Ultrasonicators are widely used in Pharmaceuticals, R & Labs, Solvent Degassing, Dilution and Dissolution of Tablets and Formulations, Emulsification, Cleaning of Dyes, Punches, Glasswares and much more..

We have developed a very special instrument for your applications to comply every need of your requirement. We have introduced for the first time in India a special Auto Degassing Cycle and a high frequency sonication for low noise level to meet your laboratory requirement. Auto degassing cycle is the most effective way of degassing liquids prior to HPLC by Ultrasonicator.

At present our list of customers includes Ciba, Glaxo,Cipla,Lupin, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., Degussa, Glenmark, IICT to name the few. 

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   Pipette Washer

Automatic cleaning & rinsing in one tank. No need to remove the basket.

Two separate inlets for cleaning solvent & DM water for final rinsing.

Easy to operate. No broken glass.

Water soluble cleaning concentrate , hence no use of chromic acid.

Rinsing process according to siphon principal.

Intensive , gentle and environment friendly.

Totally indigenous and prompt after sales service.

1. Operating Capacity : @ 15 lt.
2. Internal Tank Size : 150mm x 150mm x 700mm (H)
3. Ultrasonic Power : 350 watts (average)
4. Ultrasonic Frequency : 35 Khz
5. Ultrasonic Generator : Truly Built in MOSFET based SMPS
6. Timer : 99 min. digital timer
7. Basket And Lid : SS 304

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